Master Advertising Vendor Encoding & Nomenclature (m.a.v.e.n) was developed collaboratively with the 4 leading global advertising holding companies to address the vendor management, media information and business intelligence needs of their advertising agencies and the advertisers they serve. It streamlines operations for media, finance and business systems departments while providing an unparalleled resource to maximize benefits agency wide. Its use of unique identifiers (m.a.v.e.n UIDs) have changed the way agencies manage the disparate databases by linking them together. What makes m.a.v.e.n unique is that one overseeing entity works with the industry to manage the data in a uniform way. m.a.v.e.n coordinates advertising opportunities, ownership hierarchies and cross media measures to facilitate business intelligence.

  • Media database mapped to your vendors
  • Historical media ownership including joint ventures
  • Leverage media spend by owner for contract negotiations
  • Update your database with call letter changes
  • Import m.a.v.e.n data into your data warehouse

Media Types

  • Spot TV
  • Spot Radio
  • TV Networks / Syndication
  • Cable Networks
  • National Audio
  • Consumer Magazines
  • City & Regional Magazines
  • National Newspapers
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Display
  • Search
  • Mobile
  • Ad Networks
  • Social Networks
Out of Home
  • Billboard/Rotary
  • Transit
  • Place-based
  • Cinema
  • Specialty Agency